Rievent Platform Release Notes (1/12/2017)

Rievent Platform v9.4.2.1 was released Thursday, January 12th.

This update primarily accommodates platform maintenance, but we did include a few platform enhancements.


  • Admin Dashboard Reporting - Improved Summary Stats and Charting Performance: For performance purposes, the "All Programs" summary participation stats are now re-compiled every 15 minutes, due to the large volume of data across all customer activities and participation data. Charting data continues to be provided in real-time. There is also a new color bar that shows above each of summary stats. 
    Summary tab stats and load time improvement (click to expand)
  • Admin Dashboard Reporting - Summary Stats Added to Reports tab: In addition to displaying on the Summary Tab, the participation summary stats now show at the top of the Reports tab.
    Summary Stats Added to Reports tab (click to expand)
  • Secure Sign On (SSO) - Additional Profile Fields and Updated Size Constraints: The character limit has increased for a number of existing fields and we've also added 4 new fields to trusted handoff (client_custom1, client_custom2, gender, and job_title). A summary of the changes is included below:

    Field Change New Char Limit Old Char Limit
    ee:external_username Size increase 128 64
    ee:fname Size increase 64 40
    ee:lname Size increase 64 40
    ee:gender New field addition 1  
    ee:address_line_1 Size increase 64 40
    ee:address_line_2 Size increase 64 40
    ee:city Size increase 64 40
    ee:company Size increase 64 40
    ee:job_title New field addition 128  
    ee:client_custom1 New field addition 64  
    ee:client_custom2 New field addition 64