Amazon Web Services Disruption (3/1/2017)


We're contacting our customers with a notification regarding yesterday's launch of the 9.5 version of the Rievent Platform. We are very proud of this release's improvements to provide greater scalability, security, and fault tolerance. Our timing was unfortunate, however, as the release coincided with widespread service disruptions with Amazon Web Services (AWS), which hosts the Rievent Platform.

These issues with AWS were cross-cutting and widespread, and affected a variety of core services relied upon by the Rievent Platform. Though our platform was running at all times, there were instances of intermittent service disruption that affected a small number of our users. The majority of users continued using the platform without disruption.

Though these types of outages at AWS are infrequent, we've taken measures to further mitigate them in the future. We appreciate your understanding and apologize for any unexpected disruption.

The Rievent Support Team