FAQ: Can I remind learners they have an activity in progress?

Rievent does not support sending custom emails to learners, as this can cause global platform functionality issues. For more details, please contact support.  

To send out a reminder email to in-progress learners:

  1. First, export an email list of all the in-progress learners for an activity.

    Go to the Records tab and set the Find field as "in-progress but not completed." Then, set the View As field to "comma-separated-text (.csv)" and click Search.  Download the file. 

    You can also export a list of in-progress learners for all your activities by performing the same steps above, except with ALL PROGRAMS selected from the Manage Your Program.

  2. Compose the reminder email using an email application external to Rievent (Gmail, Outlook, Campain Monitor, MailChimp, etc). 

    For sending an email to a small group of people, it is easy to simply copy-paste the Email Address column from the spreadsheet into the To field in Gmail or Outlook.  

    You can also send personalized, mass email through Gmail and Outlook by using a Mail Merge application.  If you use Outlook, there is a built-in mail merge feature in Microsoft Word that allows you to easily compose your email, select your recipient list (the CSV file), then send the email. See the detailed instructions here.