FAQ: How do I export and delete old participation records?

Be sure to download the activity's data before deleting it. Once deleted, Rievent cannot recover the data.

When an activity and its data (participation records) no longer needs to be stored in the Rievent Platform, you can remove it by following the steps below:

Downloading Activity Data

1.  With the activity selected from the Manage Your Program menu, click the Reports tab.export1.jpg

2.  Select the Download tab then click the Excel CSV format link under Export Complete Program Results section.


3.  Save the file to your computer

Deleting All Participation Records for an Activity

1.  With the activity selected from the Manage Your Program menu, click the Records tab.

2.  Leave the Find field set as all records. If necessary, adjust the Display Records per Page drop-down to match the number of records for the activity, then click Search.


3.  Click the checkbox on the far left in the header row to select all the participation records shown, then click Delete Selected.


4.  Click Confirm Action to delete the participation records.

Be sure you have already downloaded the activity data before deleting the records. Once participation records are deleted, there is no way for Rievent to recover them.



Contact Rievent to Delete the Activity

In order to completely delete the activity so that it no longer appears in the Manage Your Program menu, contact Rievent with the name of the activity (one or multiple) to be deleted.