Rievent Platform 9.7 Release Notes (8/2/2017)

The Rievent team is proud to announce the release of Rievent Platform v9.7.

Version 9.7 completes a nine month+ development effort to integrate the ACCME/MOC accreditation requirements and reporting for participating boards with the Rievent platform. We also managed to sneak in more reporting enhancements, additional SCORM support, ACCME PARS updates, and more.

New Features:

  • MOC Web Service for Transmitting MOC Points to ACCME PARS: Real-time web service integration with ACCME PARS which automatically transmits MOC points.

    The learner-selected MOC credits types and amounts are transmitted to the ACCME as part of the Rievent activity fulfillment process.  ACCME PARS verifies the participant name, diplomate ID, and birth day, and if approved, queues the learner records and sends them to the medical board for final verification and addition to the learner's credit history.  Following the board review, the participant record status will change to “accepted” or “rejected.”  When a record is rejected, the provider will be notified by the board, and the reason for rejection will appear in PARS. Depending on the reason for rejection, you may be able to correct the data within the Rievent Platform and resubmit

This new feature will be available to all existing customers at no additional charge until December 31, 2017. Beginning January 1, 2018, there will be an annual MOC licensing fee of $2000 per medical board.

Please let your account manager know if you are interested in this feature or if you would like additional information.