FAQ: How do I add an image to the Overview page?

All images must be externally hosted, meaning they need to be accessible via URL. 

To add an image to the Activity Front Matter or Overview Page:

  1. Place the cursor where you would like the image to be located. For this example, we will insert the image centered at the top of the page. Click the   icon on the menu bar.

  2. Next, in the Image Properties pop-up, insert the URL for the image you would like to use.  You can adjust a variety of image attributes such as image size, border, vertical spacing, and horizontal spacing. 

    From the Target tab, you can insert a URL behind the image and control how the URL opens.  Set the target to "New Window" to set the link to open in a new browser tab, or use "Same Window" to open the link in the same browser tab. 


    From the Advanced tab, you can add CSS customizations to the image. 

    Once you are satisfied with the image’s appearance, click the OK button to continue.  

  3. For this example we will center the logo. To change the horizontal image alignment, first place the cursor to the immediate left or right of the image, then use the Rich Text Editor to set image alignment.

    After inserting the image, you can then go back and make further adjustments to the image size, border, vertical spacing, or horizontal spacing by right clicking the image and selecting “Image Properties”.

  4. When you are satisfied with the Overview page, click Next at the bottom of the page.

  5. Lastly, click Finished on the Finished tab to complete the change. 

    Overview Page with Image: