FAQ: How do I configure a Rating question?


Rating questions can be added to any evaluation. Both the rating range and the labels can be adjusted.  

Using a Likert-style scale (ex. 1-3, 1-5, 1-7)  allows for enhanced reporting

  Click the Add Question or Text button, then select the Rating question type.

2.  Double click the text box to insert the question text. For this example, we will use the Rich Text Editor to add text formatting (bold, italics, bullet points, links, etc). You can also embed images and videos within or between questions. 


Use the Rich Text Editor to add any formatting. 

You can also use the Source button to enter in HTML source code to format the question. When you are finished with the editor, click Done.

3.  To add the rating line items for the question, click the  icon, then double-click to insert text.  To delete a line item, click the  icon. 

To change the labels of the rating scale to match the labels of the scale entered in the question text box, click Options. In this example, the default labels were changed to “1=Strongly Disagree,5=Strongly Agree.” The rating range can also be adjusted from this menu.

Click Set to save the change.

When you are finished configuring the survey, be sure to click the Save button before continuing.

Rating Question Reporting

When including a rating style question in an evaluation, the evaluation's Response Report will provide the Likert Average for all rating style questions in the evaluation, as well as the Likert Average for each individual rating question.

For more information on Reports, click here.


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