FAQ: Why am I "missing" an activity in my account?

Many times, when there appear to be activities missing from the Manage Your Program menu, the activities are in the platform but may not have been assigned to your account. 

To resolve the issue, please contact the Rievent Platform POC from your organization.

If you are the Rievent Platform POC, you can quickly add activities to an admin account from the Accounts tab. From the Administrative Accounts side, locate the admin account you would like to add the activities to, then click the Manage link.


Click Edit in the Programs section.  


Go through the list and check the activities to add to the selected admin account. Click Save at the bottom of the page when you are finished. 



To add a specific activity to multiple accounts, select the activity from the Manage Your Program menu, then go to the Production tab. From the Review stage in the Production timeline, use the Add Client Account section to add or remove administrative account access for the activity. Only admin accounts in the list will see the activity listed in their Manage Your Program Menu.