FAQ: How do I delete my participation record for an activity I tested?

Participation records are deleted from the Records tab. Each time an activity is tested as a learner, a new participation record is created. 

  1. To delete a test record(s), first be sure the correct activity is listed in the Manage Your Program drop-down menu. Then select the Records tab.

    Leaving all criteria fields blank and clicking the Search button will return all records associated with the activity, (which can be useful in deleting test records for activities not yet available to learners, since all the records listed will be test records.)   However, you can also search for individual records by using the various search criteria fields. 

    Select ALL PROGRAMS from the Manage Your Program menu to search for participation records across all the activities in your account.

  2. From the search results page, click the  icon to delete the test records. 


  3. Delete multiple records at once by checking the boxes for all the test record(s) you would like to delete, then click the Delete Selected button.