FAQ: How do I configure link URLs to open in a new window?

When a learner clicks a link URL, you can control how that link opens. There are 3 different options for configuring the links:

  1. Link opens in the same tab it was clicked.
  2. Link opens in new tab, but within in the same browser window.
  3. Link opens in pop-up window. 

To configure how the link opens:

1.  Click to place the cursor on the link you want to configure, then click the    icon in the Rich Text Editor. 

From the Target tab, select the desired behavior for the link from the dropdown menu. 

      • Link opens in a new tab, within the same browser window - Select 
        "New Window (_blank)"
      • Link opens in the same tab - select "Same Window (_self)"
      • Link opens as a pop-up - select "<popup window>

Be sure to click the Save and/or Next button on the page after making the changes. 

 Lastly, click the Finished button on the Finished tab to complete the change.