Rievent Platform 9.2 Release Notes (3/2/2016)

Rievent Platform v9.2 was released Wednesday, March 2nd.  

Version 9.2 includes a powerful new learner profile and participation data import tool, ACCME PARS updates, Webinar template enhancements, a new speaker filter in the Learning Portal, improved reports, and more!   

New Features:

  • New! Webinar Template Speaker Evaluation. The Webinar template now includes an option for adding a Speaker Evaluation to the Request for Credit process. Speakers can be added to the Webinar using the new Webinar Tab.

  • NEW! Webinar Tab. A new Admin Dashboard tab has been added for Webinar Activities.  The Webinar tab allows you to add one or multiple speakers to the webinar. 

  • NEW! Speaker Filter in the Learning Portal.  The CE Catalog and Events Calendar now support filtering by speakers associated with upcoming Webinars, RSS Sessions, and Live Events. 

  • NEW! Self Service Profile and Participation Data Import Tool. Using a CSV formatted spreadsheet, administrators can upload learner profile and participation data to the Rievent Platform (does NOT support credit data at this time). Choose to upload data to a single activity, or to multiple activities.  A complete history of all uploads is displayed at the bottom of the page.  

    If you would like to add this feature to your account, please CONTACT Rievent and we will schedule it to be added to your account at no charge. (A training session will also be included)


  • ACCME PARS: We've expanded the ACCME PARS form in the Rievent Platform to include the new Competencies section. 

  • Enhanced Reports: The Program Use by Hour of Day has been updated with a new interactive graph.

  • Enhanced Report: The Program Use by Day of Week report has been updated with a new interactive chart.

  • Manuscript Review Template: When fulfilling records and awarding certificates, the Print Reservations and Address Labels step has been removed.

  • Data Entry: The Recruitment Tracker field is no longer a required field on the Data Entry page.  

  • Learner Sign In Page: We've removed the redundant customer name from the learner facing Sign In page.

Feel free to let us know how these enhancements help you manage your continuing education activities. Your feedback is valuable to us.