FAQ: What is the Data Import Tool?

The Self-Service Data Import Tool allows you to upload learner profile and participation data (including registration, credit and completion data) to one or multiple activities in the Rievent Platform.  The process is simple. First, format the data in a CSV formatted spreadsheet to match import specifications, then select the file for upload.  If there are any errors, the system will immediately let you know. A running history of all successful imports displays at the bottom of the page. 


Additional Information:

    • Data is imported using a formatted CVS spreadsheet. (Data Formatting Specifications)
    • Import data into one or multiple activities. By default, the tool will upload to the activity currently selected in the Manage Your Program menu. 
    • A running history of all successful imports displays at the bottom of the page.
    • The Self-Service Data Import tool must by added to your account by Rievent.
    • Located on the Records tab, the tool can be accessed from the "All Programs" view or with an individual activity selected from the Manage Your Program menu. 
    • The tool is part of the "Data Entry" account permission. (More Info)
    • Click here for the full how-to guide

Yes, I'd like to use this tool. Now what?

If you haven't already, please contact Rievent and we will schedule the Data Import Tool to be added to your account at no charge. A training session will also be included. 

When the tool is added to your account, you can then add it other administrative accounts by enabling the Data Entry permission

CSV Spreadsheet Data Formatting Information

Please follow the specifications listed here when formatting the data in the CSV spreadsheet. Supported attributes are listed below. The data type and size constraints (in parentheses) are provided for each attribute. Values exceeding size constraints will be truncated during import.

Attribute Column Header Data Type Additional Details
Customer Unique Activity ID ActivityID Text(128) Special It is possible to import learner profile records into multiple activities with a single import file. To do so, a special column "ActivityID" should be included and the value of the attribute should be the customer unique defined activity identifier provided during activity production. 
Live Event Location ID EventID Integer (Live Event Registration Only) 'EventID' is required if the activity has more than one event location. Otherwise, it can be omitted and the importer will determine the correct event to associate the participant registration. 
Email Email Email(128) Required Valid email address. Learners may not share email address.
First Name FirstName Text(64) Optional  
Last Name LastName Text(64) Optional  
Street Address Address Text(64) Optional  
Street Address 2 Address2 Text(64) Optional  
City City Text(64) Optional  
State State Text(2) Optional 2-Letter State Abbreviation
Zip Code Zip Text(20) Optional  
Country Country Text(3) Optional 3-Letter ISO-3 Country Code
Phone Number Phone Text(18) Optional  
Fax Number Fax Text(18) Optional  
Profession Profession Numeric Optional Contact Rievent for list of professions and id mappings.
Specialty Specialty Numeric Optional Contact Rievent for list of specialties and id mappings.
Secondary Specialty Specialty2 Numeric Optional (see above)
Degree Degree Numeric Optional Contact Rievent for list of degree and id mappings.
Secondary Degree Degree2 Numeric Optional (see above)
Company Company Text(64) Optional Company, organization, institution, or applicable affiliation.
Job Title JobTitle Text(128) Optional Job title or profession description.
NPI Number NPI Text(32) Optional  
Last View Date LastViewDate Datetime

Optional date of last participation activity. Date will automatically be set to value of "CompleteDate" if it is provided and "LastViewDate" is not provided.

Example: 2016-05-26T15:30:00
Activity Completion Date CompleteDate Datetime

Required for claiming credit.

Example: 2016-05-26T15:30:00

Event Registration Date RegistrationDate Datetime

Required for live event registration.

Example: 2016-05-26T15:30:00

Credit Option ID CreditID Integer Required for claiming credit. Credit option ID must be one associated with activity. 
Activity Credit Amount CreditAmount Decimal  Required for claiming credit.


.CSV Formatted Spreadsheet Example