Rievent Platform 9.3 Release Notes (4/28/2016)

Rievent Platform v9.3 was released Thursday, April 28th at 7am ET. 

Version 9.3 is packed full of upgrades, including self-service data import tool enhancements to support credit, participation, and registration data; webinar integration with WebEx; a refreshed look for several Admin Portal pages, and more!

New Features:

  • New! Webinar Integration with Webex: The Webinar template now supports a tight integration with WebEx, which is accomplished by simply entering the WebEx Meeting Key during production. 

  • New! "Site" Filter in the Learning Portal: The CE Catalog and Events Calendar now support filtering by sites associated with upcoming Webinars, RSS Sessions, and Live Events. 

  • New! RSS Anonymous Session Attendance Tracking: Administrators can separately track the number of RSS session attendees from counts derived from credits claimed by learners. This feature allows you to track session head counts and compare these numbers against the number of learners who actually claimed credit (conversion rate).

  • New! ACCME PARS fields: Optional Supplemental Financials fields have been added to the ACCME PARS Financials section. These new fields allow tracking of Registration Fees Received, Government Monetary Grants and Private Monetary Donations.


  • Self-Service Data Import Tool: We've added support for uploading learner credit, participation, and registration data. Updated instructions on the import page provide information on adding these new fields. If you would like to add the Data Importer to your account, please CONTACT Rievent and we will schedule it to be added to your account at no charge. (A training session can also be included)

  • Enhanced Reports: The Program Complete by Date and Program Fulfillment by Date reports have been updated with a new interactive graph. Hovering the cursor over the charts allows you view and drill down to see the number of records at that point in time. 

  • Admin Dashboard Summary tab: A redesigned Summary tab makes its easy to see your participation stats for one, or all your activities. New interactive participation charts lets you to drill down to see the totals and specific records for a particular day.  

  • Updated Admin Portal pages: We've refreshed the Records Search and Records Search Results pages, making them easier to read and find data. 

  • Streamlined Single Location Live Events: It's even easier to set-up single location live events.  The Live Events tab for single location events now takes you straight to the Event Scheduling page, with the Event and Registration start/end time pre-populated based on the information entered in the Production Wizard. 

  • Updated Admin Portal Log In page: We thought it was time for a change to the log in screen, so we've given it a more modern look and feel.

  • Watch Program Feature: The notification email for the Watch Program feature now includes the learner's email address.  

  • Webinar Template: Webinar activities are now automatically removed from the CE Catalog and Events Calendar once the Webinar's start date/time has passed.