Rievent Platform 9.4.1 Release Notes (9/29/2016)

Rievent Platform v9.4.1 was released Thursday, September 29th at 7am ET. 

Although v9.4.1 is primarily a maintenance release, we've also included the following additions:

New Features:

  • New! Choice-based rationale for tests: While learners are taking a a test, administrators can now inform them when they've selected an incorrect answer, and why the answer they've selected is wrong. 


  • Self-Service Data Import Tool: We've added support for uploading multiple credit types for a learner. In addition, you can now include ABIM number, birthday, and external IDs when importing data. Updated instructions on the import page provide information on adding these new fields. If you would like to add the Data Importer to your account, please CONTACT Rievent and we will schedule it to be added to your account at no charge. (A training session can also be included)

  • Aggregate Reporting - Program Activity Summary Export: Added new columns that show the number of Program Sessions, Sessions Attended, and Anonymous Sessions Attended.

    NOTE: The counts under the "Anonymous Sessions Attended" column are only for RSS activities.  This data is pulled from the Anonymous Attendance tracker on the Session Participation tab in the Admin Dashboard.